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  • Istanbul Asian, Şile

1,700,000 usd


1889: A Symphony of Luxury and Nature

Elevated Living Standards: Experience the pinnacle of luxury from the moment you step inside your villa. Royal World Artane Villas redefine opulence, blending seamlessly with the natural environment of Şile, Istanbul, to offer an unparalleled standard of living.

Architectural Harmony: Each villa is a testament to architectural brilliance, designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. High-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail ensure a living space that is as beautiful as it is durable.

Exclusive Residences: With a limited collection of 27 villas, each property promises a unique, three-story living experience. Residents can choose between spacious 4+2 or 5+2 layouts, with a generous gross area of 345 m², catering to diverse family needs and lifestyles.

Underfloor Heating System: Embrace comfort with an advanced underfloor heating system. This modern amenity ensures your home remains a cozy sanctuary, irrespective of the season.

Move-in Ready: These villas are prepared for immediate occupancy, allowing you to quickly transition to your new, luxurious lifestyle.

Outdoor Amenities:

  • Open Swimming Pool: Dive into elegance with our exquisite swimming pool, designed for both relaxation and recreation.
  • Landscaped Gardens: Immerse yourself in serenity within our beautifully landscaped gardens, a green oasis that promises peace and tranquility.

Safety and Compliance:

  • Ground Study Conducted: Ensures the foundation and structure are secure and stable.
  • Building Inspection Completed: Verifies that construction meets all required quality and safety standards.
  • Insulation Regulation Compliant: Guarantees energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Earthquake Regulation Compliant: Offers peace of mind with structures designed to withstand seismic activity.

Private Gardens: Each villa boasts its private garden, allowing residents to enjoy their piece of paradise.

Royal World Artane Villas are not just homes; they are a lifestyle choice for those who seek exclusivity, comfort, and a close connection with nature, all within the prestigious locale of Şile in Istanbul.

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City Center
City Center
Tem Highway
Tem Highway

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Number of rooms Min Space Min Price
4 + 2 Triplex 373 m² 1,700,000 usd
Last update 16-02-2024

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Walking Area
Walking Area
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

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